Conference Staff: Student Leadership Opportunities!

There are many ways for students to practice leadership in the Model UN program, including joining the TXMUN Media Corps, chairing at conferences, or becoming a member of the TXMUN Secretariat. On this page, you will find the most recent updates regarding these opportunities. Please contact Yashi McGowan, Teen Director, at if you have any questions!

Committee Chairs

Chairs oversee committees and guide committee members through the process of debating, drafting resolutions, and voting on the resolutions created by the committee. It is a rewarding experience for students, especially those who have previous MUN experience and value servant leadership. Chairing applications are closed for the current program year, but returning students are encouraged to check back in in the fall for updates!

TXMUN Media Corps

The Media Corps plays an active role in promoting the TXMUN program, as well as documenting conferences and various global issues. This is an excellent opportunity for students with previous media experience, and one of the critical parts of the TXMUN program. Media participants will be able to research, produce videos, create and share social media content and blog pieces, take photos, and take part in other aspects of media and journalism throughout the program year. 

Apply to Join the TXMUN Media Corps!

TXMUN Secretariat

The Secretariat models the real-life UN Secretariat and presides over conferences, events, and MUN throughout the program year. These students play an integral role in MUN and gain invaluable experience through leadership, training and developing materials for students to use, planning MUN events, and much more. This is a great way for students who are passionate about MUN to give back to the program and use their experiences and knowledge to help make each year amazing. If that sounds like you, fill out the application below by May 2022!

Apply to be part of the 22-23 Secretariat!