Texas Model UN is led by experienced students in the Media, Committee Chair and Secretariat roles. All those applying for these positions must have participated in Texas Model UN for at least one year and had excellent performance and outstanding character and professionalism. 


2020-21 Secretariat Candidates due APRIL 1. Apply here.

Secretariat members serve throughout the summer and following school year.  All must attend mandatory summer retreat and winter break retreat. Secretariat is responsible for the overall program, culture and conferences of Texas Model UN. To see specific qualifications and duties go here.


2020-21 State Committee Chairs due APRIL 1. Apply here.

Duties of Committee Chairs include leading delegates in committee using North American Parliamentary Procedure, researching and authoring Chair Reports for delegates to follow, teaching, coaching and modeling committee procedure and professionalism, leading with good character. All Chairs must attend training with TXMUN Parliamentarian before carrying out their duties at State Conference.


2020-21 Media Corps due by APRIL 1. Apply here.

Duties of Media Corps include keeping up with current global events, producing content to educate delegates, covering newsworthy stories of Texas Model UN delegates and clubs, covering conferences and promoting the Texas MUN program.