Group Leader



Our Afterschool program will allow you the opportunity to impact elementary age children and Pre-K in your community. Group Leaders actively engage in activities with our students every afternoon during physical and learning activities, and homework time.

Because our highest priority is our students, the following qualities are very important in our staff members:

•Basic appreciation and understanding of child development

•Imagination, a sense of humor, patience, and enthusiasm

•Professionalism, adaptability, and integrity

Must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma/G.E.D. or higher. Group Leader Application



A little After School Project
Healthy Eating at it's best!!
Help with Homework

• FREE Afterschool Care for your child (discount for
additional children) for staff working in Afterschool
• FREE Y Membership
• 403b Retirement Option
• Paid Time Off
• Discounts on Y programs
• Competitive pay
• Professional Development
• Employee Referral Bonus of $50 and up
• Opportunity to make a difference!