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YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas


Goals are always attainable.

Yes, you read that right. At the YMCA, we believe that everyone can reach their goals. Sure, it might take a couple months or even a couple years, but no matter how long it takes, we will be on your side through it all. Let us help you discover if a training program is the next step toward your goal. We offer free consultations for all members. Together, with one of our trainers, you’ll work on developing a program that you – and your goals – can say “yes!” to.


A study by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine has shown that working with a Personal Trainer increases success rates of achieving fitness goals by 30%.

YMCA Personal Trainers are certified and dedicated, not only to your personal goal attainment, but also to helping you experience all of the benefits of personal training. 

The Benefits:

• Develop an exercise program specific to your individual needs, health status, limitations and desires

• Assure proper exercise technique, progress toward goals and reduce the risk of common exercise-related injuries

• Provide positive encouragement, inspiration, motivation, challenge and accountability

• Help you establish realistic and attainable goals

Personal Training Packages:

• 30-Minute individual Sessions

• 60-minute individual, partner or group sessions. 

To register for partner and group sessions please contact your local YMCA Personal Training Director, listed below.

Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training is a great resource we are excited to bring YMCA members so that you can continue to focus on your health from home! Virtual Personal Training is available to YMCA members only. 

Need More Information?  Contact the Wellness Director at Your Nearest Y: