Mental Health Resources

The YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas values and supports mental well-being. We are a welcoming and trusted organization and we want to be able to help those in need who find themselves searching for mental health resources. Please find below some national and local resources to help you through your mental well-being journey.

Mental Health & Other Community Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - Suicide Hotline, 24-hour hotline of the at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

Texas 211, 2-1-1 is a free referral and information helpline that connects people to a wide range of health and human services (including Mental Health Service or mobile crises team), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact in any state, including Texas, dial the numbers 2-1-1 from any phone.


  • Mobile Crisis Outpatient Team that provides face-to-face help to those who are at risk of harm to themselves or others.
  • Comprehensive Clinic and Community-Based Mental Health Services.
  • 9304 Forest Ln, Ste 161n, Dallas, TX 75243
  • 214-342-5800

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Texas or National Alliance on Mental Illness, The National Alliance on Mental Illness is a nationwide advocacy group, representing families and people affected by mental health disorders in the United States. The national organization is organized into state and local affiliates, of which NAMI-Texas is one. They also have a free mental health navigation line, 972-535-8181, to assist callers in their search for mental health providers and resources.

Open Path Collective is an affordable online counseling program.

Grant Halliburton Foundation – Here for Texas provides a searchable database of Texas mental health providers and resources. It also offers a wide array of information on mental health and addiction topics, including mental health disorders, treatment options, types of mental health professionals, ways to support your mental health, and more.

Metrocare Services - provides a broad array of services to people with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities. In addition to behavioral health care, Metrocare provides primary care centers for adults and children, services for veterans and their families, accessible pharmacies, housing, and supportive social services.

Denton County MHMR – provides adult, child & adolescent mental health services—24-hour Mental Crisis Hotline to address any mental health crisis situation, 1-800-762-0157.

Medical City Green Oaks -  provides a full continuum of psychiatric services for residents in the North Texas community for the sole purpose of providing immediate access to psychiatric care for the community.  Walk in day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and be seen, in person, by a specially trained licensed mental health professional, along with psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and therapists.