Semones Family YMCA



We provide swim lessons in a fun and safe environment, as well as aquatic exercise classes and competitive swim programs for adults and youth. Class size is determined by safety factors as well as age of participants and is closely monitored to ensure safety.

The Semones Aquatic Center includes the Clark Natatorium, the Siverthorne Pool, and the Sherwood Blount Family Sprayground.  

The Indoor Pool is 25 yards and 6 lanes.  It is heated between 83 and 86 degrees and holds 130,000 gallons of water.  It is open year-round except for two weeks for cleaning.

Our Outdoor Pool is 25 yards by 25 meters and 10 lanes.  It is heated, if necessary, to 81 degrees, but will close if the outside temperature is below 45 degrees. There are 2 one-meter springboards.  The outdoor pool holds 394,000 gallons of water.

Our Instructional Pool is 40 feet by 40 feet, 2 1/2 feet on opposite sides and continues to 4 feet in the center. 

Our Spray Ground is open when the Outdoor Pool is open.

Lap Swim is available according to the pool schedule.  Lane sharing may be required.  Lap lanes are not available to swimmers under age 10 unless with swim team or swim lessons.

  • Ages 10 & older: May use the pool without adult supervision and during lap swim times. Swim test required.

Family Swim is available to YMCA Members only.  Swim test is required for all children under age 14 each time. Please see a lifeguard for your swim test.

  • Ages 10 & older: May use the pool without adult supervision and during lap swim times. Swim test required.
  • Ages 8-9: May use the pool during Open Swim times under the direct supervision of a responsible guardian 14 years or older.  Swim test required.
  • Ages 0-7: Must have direct supervision at all times. And may only swim during Open Swim time. Children 3 and younger must have parent in the water. Swim test required.
  • All “Non-Swimmers” will be provided with and must wear a correctly sized, Coast Guard Approved PFD (unless directly working one-on-one with a parent/guardian).

*Family swim is not available if there are make-up swim lessons, swim meets or special occasion.