Maude Pampel, MS
Director of the Rise School of Dallas, 2015-Present
Master degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas. BA from Rhodes College, Memphis, TN. Experience includes 3 years as a Child Development Specialist/Teacher at the Callier Preschool for Communication Disorders, a practicum at Bryan’s House, and volunteer in a PPCD program.  Started working at Rise in 2009 that included roles as a Lead Teacher and Educational Coordinator before becoming the Director. 
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Caroline Snabes
Director of Development, 2019 - Present
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MaRetta "Rita" Dyer
Financial and Office Manager, 2005-Present
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Hillary Byrd
Donor Coordinator, 2010-Present
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Katie Enriquez, M.Ed
Curriculum Coordinator and Facility Dog Handler, 2009-Present           
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Shadierdre Cox
Administrative Assistant and Aftercare Coordinator, 2018-Present
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Francesca "Frannie" 
Facility Dog 
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Contracted Therapists

Annie Altman Herndon, Music Therapist, Bachelor Degree, privately contracted

Meredith Salge, Physical Therapist, Master degree, privately contracted

Elizabeth Gorman, Speech Therapist and Educational Coordinator, MA, SLP-CCC

Lisa Cheek, Occupational Therapist, OTR, privately contracted

Supported Employment Classroom Assistants

Rise's supported employment program employs adults with developmental disabilities as classroom helpers and assistants. This program provides staff members who offer valuable assistance while reinforcing to students, their families, and the community that adults of all abilities can hold fulfilling jobs, earn money to support themselves, and contribute to society.

Veronica Castillo, Elizabeth Crook, Javier Flores, Paris Nason, and Luke Maberry




Tara Bailey, M.Ed.

Red Room Lead Teacher, PreK 5 Class. M.Ed in Early Childhood Special Education, Texas Woman’s University. BA in English Literature, University of Texas at Arlington. Texas Teacher Certification EC-4. Experience includes 5 years at Walnut Hill United Methodist Church as a preschool teacher and 14 years at the Rise School.

Teacher Assistants

Hannah Hwang

Julie Wheeler


Anne Harper, B.S.+

Pink Room Lead Teacher, Preschool 4 Class. Anne is currently working on completing her Master of Education at Southern Methodist University.

Teacher Assistants

Annie Anderson

Sydney Warner


Porsche Russell, M.Ed

Blue Room Lead Teacher, Preschool 3 Class. Porsche has completed her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University.  

Teacher Assistants

Brenna Callaghan

Stephanie Pinones


Nicholas Patterson, M.S.

Green Room Lead Teacher, Toddler II Class. Master Degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Nick completed his graduate internship with the Rise School of Dallas in the spring of 2014.  He continued to volunteer his time at the school before being hired in the summer of 2016.

Teacher Assistants

Katrzyna (Kasia) Soltysik

Karina Fernandez


Jessica Shelhamer, M.S.

Yellow Room Lead Teacher, Infant Class.  Jessica has completed her Master degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders from University of Texas at Dallas. 

Teacher Assistants

Kendell Sigel

Lysett Gonzales


Candace Nicholson, B.S.+

Purple Room Lead Teacher, Infant Class. Candace is currently working on completing her Master of Education.

Teacher Assistants

Amelie Engels

Vanessa Rojas