Developing and Advising the YMCA

At the branch level, the Board of Management is the body to which the Board of Directors has delegated the responsibility and authority to develop and advise the organization of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas in a defined service area or for a specific constituency.  Each Board of Management is charged to carry on its work in a manner consistent with the general purposes and objectives of the YMCA and the policies and operating procedure established by the Board of Directors.

Board of Management

Carolyn Searles - Chair

Michael Wooton

Sandy DeLaunay

Anthony Garcia

Torry Abra

Andrea Harvey-Rodgers

Marvin McHellon Jr. 

Madison Clark

Senyo Norgbey

Jessica Rattan

Adam Rhodes

Kelly Rudiger

Chris DeWolf

Asha Shetty

Lori Hendley

Tami Tobar

Vincent Roberts

Kristi Washington

Zoie Sanchez 

Matthew Wooton