A Partnership with Children's Health

Get Up and Go

Through our partnership with Children's Health, we are excited to offer Get Up and Go, a 10-week weight management program for children and their parents. This family-focused program gives families the tools they need to develop and maintain healthy habits. 

Each week, our families engage in physical activity, discuss a healthy lifestyle topics like healthy eating and cooking, and set goals with a YMCA-trained staff person.  This curriculum was designed by the doctors and Registered Dietitians at Children's Health to address the needs of children who would benefit from understanding how lifestyle choices affect their overall health, now and as they grow into adulthood.

Get Up and Go is open to children ages 2-18 years; children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and a physician's referral is required. If you'd like to sign up for Get Up and Go, please discuss the program with your child's physician for referral; once received, you will be contacted for enrollment.

Get Up and Go Locations