In their clubs, Model UN delegates learn about the United Nations and its role around the world while researching, discussing, and debating issues of global importance. Delegates from across the state come together at Regional Summits and the TXMUN State Assembly, a three day, two night experience where delegates not only develop resolutions, but also their plans to act locally for change. These opportunities are currently available to middle and high school students in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston areas. Recent Model UN committee simulations have included General Assembly committees, the Security Council, the World Health Assembly, UNICEF, and more; delegates also have the opportunity to apply for a position on either the Secretariat or the TXMUN Media Corps. 

Regional Summits

Date: Check back soon for 2024-2025 dates!

These regional events have a focus on training and building confidence for newer clubs and delegates, while also providing a robust MUN experience for seasoned delegates in more advanced committees. All delegates are eligible for awards based on our rubric.   

State Model UN Assembly:

Date: Check back soon for 2024-2025 dates!

This annual conference invites delegates from Model UN Clubs across the state to engage in stimulating debate, competition, and collaboration in an attempt to find solutions to the real-world issues the UN works to solve. This conference emphasizes a deeper understanding of diplomacy while creating a positive, values-based culture to make new friends and be inspired to make local change through a global lens. Awards are given based on our rubric.


All participants must be affiliated with a registered club. Registration is affiliated with local YMCAs.

Information regarding Fall 2024 conferneces will be available soon! Contact Princess Washington if you have any questions or are interested in connecting with our program.