In their clubs, Model UN delegates learn about the United Nations and its role around the world while researching, discussing and debating issues of global importance.  Delegates from around the state come together at Regional Summits and the TXMUN State Assembly, a three day, two night experience where delegates not only reveal their resolutions, but their plans to act locally for change. Organ bodies represented are committees within the General Assembly, Security Council, World Health Organization, UNICEF, African League, Security Council, Media Corps and more. Middle School students can participate during one day of the State Assembly, as well as local Regional Summits in the DFW and Houston areas.


Regional Summit:

Date: 12/11/2021

These are smaller events with a focus on training and building confidence for newer clubs and delegates, while also providing a robust MUN experience for seasoned delegates in committees like the Security Council. All delegates are eligible for awards based on our rubric.   


State Model UN Assembly:

Date:  04/01/22 - 04/03/22

This annual conference invites delegates from Texas Model UN Clubs across the state to engage in stimulating debate, competition, and collaboration in an attempt to resolve real-world issues that face the nations of the UN today. Led by the officer body of the Secretariat, this conference provides a deeper meaning of diplomacy alongside a positive values-based culture to make new friends and be inspired to make local change from a global lens. Awards are given based on our rubric.


All participants must be affiliated with a registered club. Registration is affiliated with local YMCAs.

More information about country and committee assignments coming soon! Contact organizer, Yashi McGowan, if you require assistance.