Teen Camps

POP! Isn’t just about pop culture, it’s about the Power of People.  This summer, teens learn to develop their strengths and to strengthen community while having fun with each pop culture-filled week. 

Teens (11 to 15 years old) are invited to participate in a week-long camp. This teen summer camp is geared for middle school up to teens that just completed their 9th grade year. 

Through differently weekly themes, teen campers will experience traditional camp activities along with interactive field trips, team-building skills, service projects, and character building all while having fun and meeting new people!

Weekly Themes: 

Week 1: Welcome to Teen World
This is your world! Get to know the world of Y Camp and make new friends.

Week 2: Relationship Goals
Learn how to be yourself and maintain those relationships in your life with your squad or your family.

Week 3: Me, Myself, and I
Live your best life! Get to know yourself and your needs to make you and your dreams come true. 

Week 4: Money Moves
Learn what you can do to make money come your way and keep it while you've got it! 

Week 5: Explore Your Options
Sure you want to grow up and graduate - but what are your options when you do? 

Week 6: Follow Your Star
Learn to bring out your creative side from the shadows and shine in your own way. 

Week 7: Teen Tech
From phones to drones, robotics, and coding - this week delivers a tech punch. 

Week 8: Mamba Mentality
Honoring Kobe's legacy, learn how to develop that competitive spirit and maintain your core values. 

Week 9: Change Makers
You are the next generation of leaders to make changes from the environment to social justice. Be a changemaker! 

Week 10: Get Global
We are all connected; how do you think globally and act locally?


Youth & Government

Youth and Government is an exciting hands-on experience in the mechanics of the state legislative and judicial process of government. It provides opportunities for high school teens and middle school youth to study and debate public issues.  Teens participate in a mock trial, write legislation, or experience creating a news broadcast/newspaper. Students across the state of Texas participate in their local District Conference and culminate the experience in a four-day State conference in Austin, Texas.  We are honored to be allowed to use the Capital buildings to make this a truly realistic experience. For some students this is a once in a lifetime experience and for others it is the beginning of a career.

Teen Advisory Board

What is the Teen Advisory Board?
It’s a forum for teens to meet other teens who enjoy service and to have a voice planning the activities for teens at the Lakewest Family YMCA. To help promote our services to your peers
We will meet as a group at least once a month. During the meeting we discuss and plan upcoming activities, talk about ways the Lakewest YMCA can help teens. Meeting dates and times will be determined by the group as a whole.

What programs will TAB help plan in the upcoming year:
Whatever the group decides; it’s up to you! The possibilities are endless!