Teen Activities and More

Teenagers, regardless of background, face choices that can positively or negatively influence their lives. The Y helps teens and their families to reach new heights and is committed to programs that offer character development, citizenship, leadership and service.

Teen Outside/Overnight Camps

Teens are invited to a summer of adventure at one of our three outdoor camps. They will have the opportunity to partake in wakeboarding, rock climbing, ziplining and more. Join the fun this summer!

For teens ages 12-18.


Camp on the Lake

Collin County Adventure Camp

Camp Grady Spruce

Youth & Government

Youth and Government is an exciting hands-on experience in the mechanics of the state legislative and judicial process of government. It provides opportunities for high school teens and middle school youth to study and debate public issues.  Teens participate in a mock trial, write legislation, or experience creating a news broadcast/newspaper. Students across the state of Texas participate in their local District Conference and culminate the experience in a four-day State conference in Austin, Texas.  We are honored to be allowed to use the Capital buildings to make this a truly realistic experience. For some students this is a once in a lifetime experience and for others it is the beginning of a career.