TOWN NORTH FAMILY YMCA offers complimentary childcare for Family Members. You can work out knowing your child is in a safe and fun atmosphere. Activities include arts and crafts, story time, outdoor activities, games, and more.

Ages 5-12

Ages:  6wks-5yrs

Ratio:  6wks-2yrs, 4:1, Ages 2-5yrs, 8:1


Monday-Saturday: 7:45 am-1 pm          

Monday-Thursday:  4:15-7:30 pm

  • Maximum stay in Child Watch:  2 hours/day
  • Parents must stay on premises while children are in Child Watch
  • Parents must sign in and out

Adventure Zone

Ages: 5-12yrs
Ratio:  15:1

Saturday:  7:45-1 pm 

Monday-Thursday:  4:15-7:30 pm

  • Parents must stay on the premises while children are in Adventure Zone
  • Parents must sign in and out
  • Maximum stay in staffed Adventure Zone: 2 hours/day
  • Adventure Zone is available at any time for accompanying parents/guardians (over 16 yrs)


*Child Watch is not liscensed by the state.