A headshot of Lincoln, Personal Trainer at the Frisco YMCA
Lincoln Huth

Lincoln has 10 years of experience working with clients from every aspect of health and wellness. Lincolns training experience consists of sport strength/conditioning, weight loss, gain lean muscle mass, aging adults, injury rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, functional fitness (CrossFit) and predominately the everyday gym goer looking to get fit! On top of training clients, he is an adjunct professor for kinesiology courses. Lincoln loves to teach and watch his clients grow into the healthiest and fittest version of themselves! 



M.S. Kinesiology - Exercise Physiology

B.S. Kinesiology 




A headshot of Laurie, Personal Trainer at the Frisco YMCA
Laurie Christopher

Laurie has been a personal training for 18 years.  Throughout these years she has enjoyed working with varied clients ranging for cancer patients to athletes.  Laurie, strongly feel that each individual has a different journey to attain health.  Therefore, her training style aspires to help one find their best path to a healthy mind, body and soul. 



ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2003 to present

Massage Therapist 2006 to present

Livestrong Coordinator

B.A. Japanese and Mandarin Chinese


FR Lisa Johnston
Lisa Johnston

Lisa was a previous fitness competitor for NPC, Fitness America, Ms Galaxy, Women’s Tri Fitness and was chosen to appear on ESPN. She also has had years of training in Ballroom dancing and tries to utilize this in her classes to teach new patterns and have some fun in her classes. It is fun for her to work with all age groups of people.

Her training style utilizes visual, kinesthetic (learning by doing) and verbal cues. She does a variety of activities and uses all available fitness tools to keep it fun and interesting for you. 

Silver Sneakers Basic, Silver Sneakers Yoga , Silver Sneakers Interval, Silver Splash, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Special Populations, AFAA Aerobics, AFAA Personal Trainer, Fitour Yoga and Advanced Yoga, Fitour Pilates and advanced Pilates and CPR/ First Aide certified. 


Carl Aquino
Carl Aquino

Carl Aquino (a long time coach in athletics and volleyball) has been with the YMCA since 2017. His main purpose as a personal trainer is to deliver and provide an opportunity for those who seek enhancement in their personal health and wellness. He enjoys working in small groups because he truly believes that people thrive off of others when working towards common goals. 





Emma Kefford
Emma Kefford

Emma has a passion for fitness and has been an avid runner for 6 years, competing in Half marathons. In 2019 she entered the world of Triathletes. Competing in 2 sprints and a Half Ironman in her first year.


Married to Tim and has two sons. Emma was born in England and has lived in New Zealand and Sweden (where her two boys were born) and moved to the U.S.A in 2016.  She loves to encourage her clients to reach their personal fitness goals and enjoy the benefit of a healthy lifestyle. 

PT Global Certification




Jay Wood
Jay Wood

Jay is married to Greg, and between them they have 3 daughters, 1 son and 1 precious daughter-in-law; they range in ages between 16 and 25. 

Jay has been a personal trainer since 2016. She has always been active and especially interested in resistance training. Her passion for it inspired her to help others in their own fitness journeys. Jay is also a competitive bodybuilder (Figure Division). With 8 shows since 2015 she hopes to keep going! 

Jay wants to help others learn how to really workout, using proper form and techniques so that muscles will be worked efficiently while avoiding injury. Secondly, she wants to motivate and inspire others to reach their individual goals. There is NO age limit! 

Matt Hayes
Matt Hayes

Matt was born and raised in Staten Island, New York and moved to Frisco in 2009. Matt is a professional dancer, he has trained in Hip-Hop most of his life and is currently learning Contemporary and Ballet.

Matt loves training because of his love for people. He enjoys seeing people improve and reaching their goals through their new found motivation.


A headshot of Anthony, Personal Trainer at the Frisco YMCA
Anthony Connally

Coach Anthony Connally (Coach AC) is passionate about helping clients reach their highest potential. A former collegiate and Arena football player, he is equipped with more than 19 years of sports performance and private coaching experience and has trained athletes in the NFL, NBA, WNBA, as well as Olympic Athletes. Coach AC strives to deliver measurable results with systematic training programs aimed at improving client's specific goals and overall wellness. 

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) 
NASE Certified Speed Specialist – Level 2 (CSS) 
USA Track & Field – Level 1 
P.I.C.P. – Level 2 
Biosignature Modulation Practitioner – Level 1 
CPR Certified 


A headshot of Charles, Personal Trainer at the Frisco YMCA
Charles M

Charles got into personal training to increase his knowledge of fitness, and in the process, empower and help others improve their physical and mental health. Charles has also been a mental health professional and a meditation educator. He helps the individuals he works with become more grounded, mindful, and understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Charles is currently going to the UNT to get his masters in counseling and plans on getting his strength and conditioning specialist certification to pair the two to help individuals achieve whole body wellness. Charles also loves being involved in outdoor activities, watching basketball, and makes music oriented towards mind and body training.