PT Casey Boswell
Casey Boswell

While growing up Casey was always active in many sports. This carried over to his personal and professional lifestyle.  While working with all different types of populations Casey learned that you must adapt to each individual's needs.  Understanding the client and what will help them achieve their fitness goals is very important to Casey. Casey enjoys watching clients step out of their normal boundaries and achieve things they never believed they could.  Focusing on the end goal will help clients reach their full potential.  Casey believes you need to have a fair balance throughout the process of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Focus: Strength Training (All Populations), Sports Specific Training, Weight Loss, Injury Prevention and Corrective Exercises.  
Favorite Quote: Discipline is doing what you hate to do but doing it like you love it.

B.S. in Health Fitness Management
Certified Personal Trainer American Council on Exercise (ACE) 

A headshot of Lincoln, Personal Trainer at the Frisco YMCA
Lincoln Huth

Lincoln has 10 years of experience working with clients from every aspect of health and wellness. Lincolns training experience consists of sport strength/conditioning, weight loss, gain lean muscle mass, aging adults, injury rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, functional fitness (CrossFit) and predominately the everyday gym goer looking to get fit! On top of training clients, he is an adjunct professor for kinesiology courses. Lincoln loves to teach and watch his clients grow into the healthiest and fittest version of themselves! 


M.S. Kinesiology - Exercise Physiology
B.S. Kinesiology 



A headshot of Laurie, Personal Trainer at the Frisco YMCA
Laurie Christopher

Laurie has been a personal training for 18 years.  Throughout these years she has enjoyed working with varied clients ranging for cancer patients to athletes.  Laurie, strongly feel that each individual has a different journey to attain health.  Therefore, her training style aspires to help one find their best path to a healthy mind, body and soul. 



ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2003 to present

Massage Therapist 2006 to present

Livestrong Coordinator

B.A. Japanese and Mandarin Chinese



Josh LaBry has been in personal training and group fitness for over 4 years. His passion to pursue a better individual is what sets Josh apart from the field. Josh is a former NCAA Division II and Semi - Professional soccer player. After his time in sports Josh has stayed active with many fields of training. Most notably, TEAM USA rowing. Josh hopes to qualify for the USA Olympic row team in 2024. 

Josh has worked with fitness clubs such as Orangetheory, RowHouse, and Cyclebar as a group fitness instructor as well as working as a personal trainer for a group of leading medical workers in Prosper TX. Josh has worked with rehabilitation of professional and collegiate athletes from FC Dallas, Texas Legends and SMU athletics. 

Josh is finishing a B.S in Human Biomechanics and is enrolled to pursue his M.S in Athletic Training.

FR Lisa Johnston
Lisa Johnston

Lisa was a previous fitness competitor for NPC, Fitness America, Ms Galaxy, Women’s Tri Fitness and was chosen to appear on ESPN. She also has had years of training in Ballroom dancing and tries to utilize this in her classes to teach new patterns and have some fun in her classes. It is fun for her to work with all age groups of people.

Her training style utilizes visual, kinesthetic (learning by doing) and verbal cues. She does a variety of activities and uses all available fitness tools to keep it fun and interesting for you. 

Silver Sneakers Basic, Silver Sneakers Yoga , Silver Sneakers Interval, Silver Splash, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Special Populations, AFAA Aerobics, AFAA Personal Trainer, Fitour Yoga and Advanced Yoga, Fitour Pilates and advanced Pilates and CPR/ First Aide certified. 


Matt Hayes
Matt Hayes

Matt was born and raised in Staten Island, New York and moved to Frisco in 2009. Matt is a professional dancer, he has trained in Hip-Hop most of his life and is currently learning Contemporary and Ballet.

Matt loves training because of his love for people. He enjoys seeing people improve and reaching their goals through their new found motivation.


FR PT Angela Chandler
Angela Chandler

Angela is from Plano but moved around the United States with her husband who was in the Army. After being a Pastry Chef for 10 years she moved into fitness world in 2018.  Being a mom of two young girls, mobility, fitness and being active are what keep her going. Angela loves sharing her passion with those around her and teaching people how to integrate healthy and active lifestyle changes into their everyday life. 

Focus: Strength Training, Pre/Post Natal, Weight Loss, Nutrition.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach 
NASM Women’s Fitness Specialization 




Emma Kefford
Emma Kefford

Emma has a passion for fitness and has been an avid runner for 6 years, competing in Half marathons. In 2019 she entered the world of Triathletes. Competing in 2 sprints and a Half Ironman in her first year.


Married to Tim and has two sons. Emma was born in England and has lived in New Zealand and Sweden (where her two boys were born) and moved to the U.S.A in 2016.  She loves to encourage her clients to reach their personal fitness goals and enjoy the benefit of a healthy lifestyle. 

PT Global Certification




A headshot of Charles, Personal Trainer at the Frisco YMCA
Charles M

Charles got into personal training to increase his knowledge of fitness, and in the process, empower and help others improve their physical and mental health. Charles has also been a mental health professional and a meditation educator. He helps the individuals he works with become more grounded, mindful, and understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Charles is currently going to the UNT to get his masters in counseling and plans on getting his strength and conditioning specialist certification to pair the two to help individuals achieve whole body wellness. Charles also loves being involved in outdoor activities, watching basketball, and makes music oriented towards mind and body training.




Grayson Skarnulis
Grayson Skarnulis

Grayson has10 years experience in highly competitive sports. He played college lacrosse during his undergrad. Currently, Grayson is a mental health professional and understands the complexities of the brain and its processes with physical exercise. Grayson has a passion for physical and mental betterment and sports. Grayson works at a substance use recovery center and loves helping this population of people in the betterment of their lives and long term recovery. He previously coached with Bishop Lynch, Episcopal School of Dallas, and the Frisco lacrosse program. Grayson enjoys learning in all things and spends some his off time trying to learn Lithuanian & Russian. When Grayson is not working he coaches lacrosse and football in high schools around the Dallas area. 

Certifications: Strength & Conditioning

Education: Rehabilitation Science 20’ UNT

Focus: Athletes, Strength & Conditioning, Body Recomposition

Courtney Boyd

Courtney decided she wanted to become a personal trainer because of what fitness brings to her life. Being in a room with music, barbells and dumbbells is really her happy place. Putting the aesthetics to the side, Courtney loves the empowering feeling of pushing hard in a workout and breaking down any mental barriers we face in life. To help someone overcome any struggles, and achieve their goals is her motivator! Courtney wants to help anyone grow and feel confident in their body. Her hobbies include spending time outdoors, escaping in a good book, chasing her kids around and fantasizing how she would play on Survivor one day.

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer; American Council on Exercise
Focus: Strength Training, Weight Loss

Carrie Jeffcoat

Carrie moved from Sarasota, FL to Plano, TX when she13. Carrie is excited to help her clients exceed their personal fitness goals. Carrie has been working out since she was young, but her first experience working out with a personal trainer was life-changing for her. Carries wants to pass on that same feeling and impact to her clients’ lives. Carrie and her family (husband & daughter) all love the beach, boating, swimming, biking, walks, tennis, golf, hiking, fishing, playing games, outdoor venues, going to the gym, and spending time with family and friends. A very active family that definitely prefer warmth and sunshine!

Education: Marketing - Arizona State University

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer; National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Focus: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Women, Teens, and Seniors

Favorite Quote: “What seems impossible today will become your warm-up tomorrow!”