As a YMCA volunteer, there is an infinite number of opportunities for you to help. Whether you work at the front desk greeting members and guests, serve as a role model for teens, or serve on a branch board, you are making an incredible difference. No matter how you help, you are creating a feeling of connection and enriching the lives of people in your community. For the safety of our families and participants, we require any volunteer to complete a background check and short safety training before being allowed to volunteer with us. 




While you are in the volunteer portal you can complete an application, sign our required forms and complete a background check.




Thank you for volunteering with the Frisco Family YMCA! You are part of a dynamic, diverse network of cause-driven neighbors dedicated to strengthening the foundations of our communities. Thank you for being part of this important work- together, we’re building a better us. 



We are still taking applications for board recruits for our new class of 2022-2023!

Board Member Job Description

Function of the Board Qualifications Specific Duties
Formulate and enact strategic goals for Annual Campaign Have enthusiasm for the Y and conviction to its purpose Actively participate in board duties 
Develop financial resources for achieving goals Interest in people, their problems, and their potential Attendance to monthly board meetings
Monitor the achievement of goals and objectives Willingness to give time, effort, and resources to the Y Raise funds to ensure the Y is accessible to all members of the community
Develop an understanding of the Y's purpose, goals, and programs Unquestionable personal character Participate in opportunities to give back and support neighbors
Interpret the organization's work to the community and actively work to promote it  Ability to confidently represent the Y in the community 

Make decisions regarding fundraising efforts

Help form partnerships with other community organizations   Keep informed on what's happening around the Y


If you’re interested in making a lasting impact in the Frisco community as a representative of the Y, please send your information to our Executive Director, Nikki Golding via email at to begin the registration process.



We offer the opportunity for your or your organization to complete required volunteer service hours. If you're needing hours for your school or afterschool organization, or want to bond with your business team, then we have just the service hours for you! When you volunteer at the Y, you help us strengthen communities and support your neighbors. Examples of possible opportunities include:

  • JOIN OUR TEEN COMMITTEE: Give back to your community with innovative ideas and strategies in exchange for 70 service hours! *For 9th - 12th graders only!
  • COACH YOUTH SPORTS: Give the gift of confidence by teaching our youth the fundamentals of teamwork, while supporting and assisting our sports director. To coach a Youth Sports team, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • VOLUNTEER WITH MEMBERS SERVICES: Be the first face people see when walking into the Y, and help provide a great experience to all members, guests and program participants. 
  • SPEND A DAY WITH CHILD WATCH: Help provide kids with positive experiences and a safe space to enrich their lives.
  • SUPPORT ANNUAL CAMPAIGN: Make a difference in the lives of thousands in our community by ensuring that the Y has sufficient resources.
  • VOLUNTEER AT SPECIAL EVENTS: We host several events throughout the year to give back to our community, like Healthy Kids Day, BooBash, Cookies with Santa and more!
  • HELP OUT ON OUR FITNESS FLOOR: Clean and sanitize equipment on our Fitness Floor and Group Exercise areas.

Each volunteer shift is a maximum of 4 hours per day, and all background checks and training must be completed before your scheduled start date. If there is any hour requirement, please let us know beforehand to ensure that we provide proper documentation for you. Our front desk staff is knowledgeable and will be able to assist in answering any of your questions!

Community Service/Volunteer Facts:

All applicants will receive an email to confirm whether they've been approved to work!

  • You must be at least 13 years old in order to volunteer. If you're going to volunteer with Child Watch or Youth Sports, then you must be at least 17 years old.
  • No one is allowed to start their hours until they have completed registration and have been cleared.
  • During your shift, please use appropriate language and follow our dress code at all times!
    • Our dress code includes closed-toe shoes, comfortable shorts of jeans, and t-shirt or polo shirt. You may wear a hat if you're working outside. 
  • If you need a letter confirming that you've completed your scheduled hours, please ask for one at the ending of your shift.


 Please contact Membership Director, Julie Yang, via email at to obtain registration information for volunteer hours, or for more information regarding service hour opportunities.