Youth Volleyball

Offered in Fall and Spring Seasons

Our youth volleyball league has no tryouts and everyone is welcome. Thanks to the Y’s and volleyball rules, kids participate in every game and receive equal playing time, regardless of skill level. Youth volleyball at the Y develops fundamental volleyball skills, teaches teamwork and promotes physical activity in a team environment. This is an indoor volleyball league.

Grade divisions are based on the school year Fall 2022 to end of Summer 2023.


The Youth Teams will play a regular 7-week season.

The Pre-School Teams (Little Spikes Volleyball) will have a 6-week season. The first 3 weeks, the players will learn the fundamentals of the sports. The last 3 weeks, the players will play games among each other (they will not play against the older divisions.)


2023 Spring Registration

Youth Team

2023 Spring Registration

Little Spikes




Late Registration:

Begins March 3, 2023 with Additional $20

Begins March 3, 2023 with Additional $20

Registration Ends:

March 16, 2023

March 16, 2023


3rd - 8th Grade

Kinder - 2nd Grade


Jersey included

Member: $90

Non-Member: $130

Member: $55

Non-Member: $75

Season Dates*:

March 25  - May 6, 2023

March 25 - April 29, 2023

Game Days:




One practice per week decided by volunteer coach

One practice per week decided by volunteer coach

*Dates may be subject to change

Required: All participants must wear knee pads.

Game Location: Grand Prairie Family YMCA Gym

Practice Location:  Grand Prairie Family YMCA Gym

Friends, coach and practice request are accepted during registration but are NOT guaranteed.