Board of Management

The YMCA is governed by the Board of Directors who holds title to all real estate and establishes overall policy providing direction to the various Branch Operations. The Board of Directors confers a broad range of authority to the Branch Boards of Management who assume responsibility for advising each YMCA.

We are very proud of the T. Boone Pickens YMCA Board of Management: 

Board Chair: Amye Thompson-Hollins
2021 Annual Campaign Chair: Autumn Kraus
2021 Advanced Gifts Campaign Chair: Veorge Weathersby 

Pam Abel Jonathan Childers
Eric Coleman Adrienne Cortez
Yvette Culkar Isabelle DeAbreu
Paul Dunn Rebecca Greenan
Paul Hoffmeyer Curtis Kang
Andy Kirby Autumn Kraus
Paul Lindenberg Ryan O'Malley
Shalissa Perry Maher Saab
Matt Scurlock Steve Shepherd
Carl Stutzman Amye Thompson-Hollins
Kyle Turbitt Veorge Weathersby
Richard West