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Dandiya, or Raas as it is more commonly known, is a traditional Indian folk dance originated in the state of Gujarat. The dance consists of Gaarba, which is a series of elaborate steps done in a circle over and over again & Raas which consists of groups of men and women dancing to a beat with sticks in their hands to match the beat. Colorful Indian outfits are worn both by men and women in spirit of the rich culture of the country from which this dance is originated. Both dances are choreographed on the spot & are changed during the night depending on the amount of people in the group & the beat of the music.


Friday September, 20th:

Children 5 & Under Tickets 9/20

Single Ticket 9/20

Group of 10 Tickets 9/20

Extra Group Member Ticket 9/20


Saturday September, 21st:

Children 5 & Under Tickets 9/21

Single Ticket 9/21

Group of 10 Tickets 9/21

Extra Group Member Ticket 9/21



Date: September 20th and September 21st

Time:  7:00 PM-12:00 PM 

Location: Coppell YMCA

Price: $10 Per person per day

**$8.00 Per person with a purchase of 10 tickets or more**