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T-Ball + Baseball

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T-Ball and Baseball

Baseball formats include T-ball and baseball.  The focus in our league's is to have fun, meet new friends and play in a non-competitive environment. Y Baseball is designed to teach young baseball players the fundamentals of the game. Players will learn how to catch, throw, and bat in a fun team atmosphere.

Fall Pre-School T-Ball Clinic

Designed for 3 or 4 year olds who want to learn the basics about T-Ball.

The goal of the Pre-School T-Ball clinic is to teach the basics of team sports including rules, techniques and safety practices.  Your 3-4 year old will develop self-confidence and social skills through constant encouragement from coaches, parents, and other children.

This program DOES requires parental involvement during each scheduled class.  Parents participate in classes by coaching, guiding and assisting their children in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their progress.  Sports officials are always on hand to guide and help as well.

Parents will not receive a call from a "coach" before the 1st session. Your player will meet the coach at the 1st session.


Ages: 3 - 4                                       Ages: 3 - 4

Dates: Oct 10 - Nov 14                     Dates: Oct 12 - Nov 16

Meets: TUE 5:30 PM                         Meets: THUR 5:30 PM 

Beginners                                         Non-Beginners


Fall Baseball Clinic


The objective of the Baseball Clinic is to provide kids the opportunity to improve their fundamental skills and develop understanding of the great sports we have to offer.  Our Youth Sports programs encourage and strengthen communities by placing a priority on family involvement, healthy competition rather than rivalry, team building as well as individual development and character building.


Ages: 5-12                                       Ages: 5-12

Dates: Oct 10 - Nov 14                     Dates: Oct 12 - Nov 16

Meets: TUE 6:30 PM                         Meets: THUR 6:30 PM 

Beginners                                         Intermediate/Advanced 


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