Miracle League Basketball

The Miracle League Basketball is offered in the winter.  It provides children and adults with physical limitations and other special needs the opportunity to play basketball in a safe, fun atmosphere.  The Irving YMCA has a team of committed staff & volunteers that facilitate the program and raise funds to ensure the Miracle League will be free to all participants.

How Is The Game Played?

The Miracle League provides children with disabilities, regardless of their ability, the opportunity to play basketball. Each child dresses in an official uniform, makes baskets and dribbles down the court just like their peers.

However, the Miracle League is different from a regular youth league in several ways:

  • Each player gets to shoot and take the ball down the court

  • Each player is partnered with a buddy to help assist them in the game

  • Each game ends in a tie.

It doesn't matter whether the child can shoot a basketball... it doesn't matter whether the child can run down the court alone or needs someone to push their wheelchair. The game is geared to the ability level of each participant.



2023/24 Winter Registration

2024 Summer Registration


Opens Oct 1st

April 1st

Registration Deadline:

Dec 1st

June 14th


5 years and up


Jersey and participation medal included

Member: $0

Non-Member: $0

Member: $0

Non-Member: $0

Season Dates*:

Dec 9 to Feb 10

June 22nd to Aug 10th

Game Days*:

7 games / Saturday 

11:00am ages 5 to 10

12:00pm: ages 11 and older

No games: Dec 23, 30 and Jan 6

7 games / Saturday


Game Location:

Jackie Mae Townsell Elementary

3700 Pleasant Run Rd

 *Dates may be subject to change

Players need to wear a t-shirt and non-marking court shoes.  Reversible Dallas Maverick Jersey will be provided.

Ball size 27.5 inch