Karate is defined as a Japanese art of self-defense employing hand strikes and kicks to disable or subdue an opponent. At the YMCA, Karate is a sport. Participants are progressed through the levels based on their skill. Beginner and advanced levels are available for youth.

As we begin to transition back to live classes we want to make sure you guys feel comfortable and stay healthy. Upon returning we have some Zoom and In-Person procedure in place:

In- Person

Tuesday & Thursday:

5:00 PM - 5:50 PM Intro/White Belt Class

6:00 PM – 6:50 PM Beginner Class

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Intermediate/Advanced Blue Belt & Up

Zoom (Interactive) 

Tuesday & Thursday:

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

In-Person Class Information:

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms please stay home and log into our Zoom class !!

  •  Masks are REQUIRED in and out of the YMCA as well as well as to and from the locker rooms and bathrooms. It is NOT required during training but HIGHLY recommended for everyone’s safety.

  • Once arriving you will come into the front as usual, check-in then come to the back half of the gym.

  • There will be hand sanitizer upon walking into the back half of the gym. Students are encouraged to use it before and after class as well as on any breaks.

  • Students are encouraged to arrive in full uniform to limit the use of the locker rooms.

  • We ask for good hygiene – Please keep uniforms clean for each class, hands washed, etc.

  • There will be spot markers for social distancing purposes.

  • Students should bring their own water bottle!

  • There will be NO SPARRING and NO CONTACT DRILLS!

    • Pool Noodles will be used for Combat Training

    • If students own sparring gear please still bring it for drills as well as sanitizing wipes to wipe gear down after each us


Zoom Classes:

Still not feeling comfortable? Its okay! Join us for our interactive and non-interactive Zoom classes to stay on top of training.

  • Interactive will be a lot like you are experiencing right now where I am able to teach and talk directly to the students over Zoom

  •  Our non-interactive option will allow for parents and students to watch the in-person classes through a live camera set up somewhere within the YMCA gym.

Ages: 5+ 


Members: $55/ Month

Non-Members: $75/ Month

** August is FREE for all current karate students! **