Our full expansion and renovation project has begun and we appreciate your understanding while we work to improve your Y to better serve our community. The Lake Highlands Family YMCA has been proud to serve our community through its existing facility the past 20 years.  We are looking forward to serving even more members of our community than ever through an expanded array of programs and services allowed by this renovation. From prenatal fitness options and parent-child swim lessons to a wide variety of fitness and social programs for aging seniors, the YMCA will continue to have something for everyone. With expanded facilities we will also be able to increase our leadership and fitness and recreational programs for teens and with our indoor pool, and the addition of an outdoor pool, we will be able to increase our swim lesson program which not only teaches a skill that lasts and lifetime, but also helps prevent drownings.    

Our vision is that the Lake Highlands Family YMCA will be one of the fastest growing YMCAs in the country, over the next few years.  In addition to growth in our facility, we will also be expanding our community-based programs, including, but not limited to, youth sports, teen leadership, drowning prevention, and more. The YMCA will continue be a place for everyone regardless of age, sex, background, fitness level or financial situation.


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Lake Highlands Renovation - What's Coming?

Our renovation and expansion is bringing a whole host of new amenities and benefits for our members.  Read more about what's coming here.

Lake Highlands YMCA Renovation
Swimming Options and Expansion Update – February 2020

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