The YMCA is governed by the Board of Directors who holds title to all real estate and establishes overall policy providing direction to the various Branch Operations. The Board of Directors confers a broad range of authority to the Branch Boards of Management who assume responsibility for advising each YMCA.

We are very proud of the J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall Board of Management:

Board of Management

Mike Atkins - 2023 Board Chair

Kenneth Cullins

Judy James

Jayson Killough

Jim Melody

Scott Muckensturm - 2023 Campaign Chair

Mitch Ownby

Brett Packer

Mark Russo

Brad Taylor

Vernon Edwards

Miguel Ortiz

Eric Wesley

Rick Bernas

Eric Stacey

Kerri New

James Branch

Janet Nichol

Jon Voorhies

Robert Paulsen

Justin Lee - Past Board Chair - 2022

Board Advisory Members

J.J. Villarreal

Larry Parks

Scotty Lovett

Grant DuBois