The YMCA is governed by the Board of Directors who holds title to all real estate and establishes overall policy providing direction to the various Branch Operations. The Board of Directors confers a broad range of authority to the Branch Boards of Management who assume responsibility for advising each YMCA.

We are very proud of the J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall Board of Management:

Board of Management

Isaac Allen

Shonte Allen

Mike Atkins

Tim Bender

Jesus Bermudez

Greg Broze

Staci Childress

Frank Conselman

Amber Colson

Kenneth Cullins

Steven Eiger

Mark Irons

Judy James

Jayson Killough

Justin Lee

Scotty Lovett

Bart Miller

Josie Miller

Katy Miller

Brett Packer

Gary Smothermon

Kim Stark

Shey Stegall

Candy Stewart

Brad Taylor


Board Emeritus

J.J. Villarreal

Larry Parks