Summer T-Ball

The J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall's baseball program helps kids become not only better baseball players, but better people as well.

We are offering our T-ball program this summer for ages ages 3-5yr11 mo (co-ed) *up to 6 years old

Everyone plays at the YMCA! Register your child today for J.E.R Chilton YMCA recreation youth baseball program. Children are guaranteed 25% playing time in each game, regardless of skill, practice attendance, etc.

T-Ball ages 3-5yr11 mo (co-ed) *up to 6 years old



June 11th - July 31


Practices will be chosen by the coach regarding day, time and location at the coaches meeting. Practices are held once per week Monday – Friday (Times and Locations are selected by Coaches).

Games START JUNE 11 AND 12

Games will be played on Saturday mornings on J.E.R Chilton YMCA fields throughout the 6-game season (Just for this summer).

Registration is closed