The J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall's soccer program helps kids become not only better soccer players, but better people as well. Youth soccer is a progressive program, with multiple age-specific levels. Every child gets to play and the games are safe, exciting and fun. We encourage fair play, positive competition, and family involvement.

Unlike most club soccer leagues the Y has no tryouts so all kids can experience soccer in a fun, friendly, level playing field that allows all players to have fun. Kids soccer is for PreK-6th grades.

Small Fry, ages 3-4 (*must be 3 yrs by September 1st), and Youth Soccer, ages 4-12, are played in the fall and spring. Fall soccer registration begins in July and the season begins in September. Spring registration begins in January and the season begins in March. Registration information and online registration is available at these times.

Small Fry 

  • Ages 3-4 Boys and Girls *must be 3 yrs by September 1st. 
  • Ball Size 3
  • Saturday morning games/practices


  • PreK-6th Grade (ages 4-12) Boys and Girls
  • Ball Size 3 for 4-9
  • Ball Size 4 for 9-12 


The season begins on 9/7/2019. Practices for small fry occur during the first 30 minute time slot for the scheduled game. Small fry is a once a week commitment to introduce your child and family to sports at the YMCA. Youth practices will start the week prior to the season. Your volunteer coach will choose the practice time that works best and will communicate with you the practice schedule for the season


Game Schedules at Playerspace.com.

2019 Soccer Fields Guide



Registration has ended.

YMCA Family Members Fee:  $95

Activity Member Fee:  $139


*Financial Assistance Available for any and all wanting to play at the YMCA.