Youth Wellness

The youth fitness program is designed for ages 10 to 14 and to help parents promote the importance of health and wellness. The youth orientation sessions helps instruct our youth members how to utilize the equipment available to them safely and effectivel while helping them excel with their wellness goals. This program is required before youth are allowed on any facility equipment and is at no additional cost our our family members.


Certification Class

This is a private one on one class with one of our nationally certified personal trainers.  The training provides an excellent opportunity for youth 10 to 14 years of age to learn proper fitness floor etiquette, correct usage of cardio respiratory machines, introduction to a variety of fitness class modalities as well as strength conditioning skills utilizing their own body weight. This class follows the rules and guidelines set forth by the ACSM (American Council of Sport Medicine) for youths and teens.

• Upon successful completion, your child will receive a wristband which will allow him/her access to the fitness floor and the cardio-respiratory machines.

• Must show age-appropriate membership card and wear wristband to use the weight room.

• Ages 10-12 must be immediately supervised by a parent along with having a current family membership.

• Ages 13-14 do not need immediate supervision, family membership must be current.

• Privileges' may be revoked if proper Y etiquette is not displayed.

• Teens 15-16 must complete a wellness orientation with one of our certified wellness coaches.