Moody Family YMCA in the Park Cities Waves Swim Team

Introduce your child to one of the most competitive and challenging sports around. Competitive swimming builds cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle tone, and more. Goal setting, confidence, and self-discipline are benefits.  Swim meets are held regularly all year in the Dallas area.  All swimmers must be assessed by the coach prior to registration in order to be placed in the correct practice group. 

All new swimmers must participate in a try out. Ongoing tryouts for swim team will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. 

The try out consists of swimming a 25 (one length of the pool) free style and a 25 backstroke. This is the minimum requirement to join the swim team. The try out will determine which of the three groups your child will be placed in. Practice schedule is based on which group you are in.

Practice Schedule:

Level               Days          Times

Novice             T/TH          4pm-5pm

White               M/W/F       4-5pm or 5:30-6:30pm

Blue                 M-F            5pm-6:30pm

When Registering for a tryout please indicate your child's name, age and the date you will be attending a try out.