Swim lessons are great, and once you've mastered your strokes its time to have some real fun!

Join the Richardson Rapids swim team made up of boys and girls ages 5-21.  The Rapids compete in a swim league with other YMCA's. The Richardson Rapids is an instructional and competitive swim team.

The Richardson Rapids Swim Team is apart of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Swim League and competes against some 20 other surrounding area YMCA swim teams over the course of the summer. We offer a variety of programs ranging from beginner learn-to-swim competitively levels all the way to vigorous stroke and endurance levels for the more advanced swimmer. If you are just thinking about starting to swim competitively, the YMCA is the perfect swim league to begin your journey!  Or even if you are an advanced competitor on the verge of swimmer burn-out, the YMCA can give you that extra boost of confidence to stick with it!