Four tips to help your kids have a successful school year

YMCA Afterschool - Girl raising hand in class

Back to School Month is an opportunity to help families adjust to the coming school year as well as encourage supply drives to help your community’s children as they gear up for the new school year. Here are four tips to help your family prepare for the school year:

  1. Go Back-to-school shopping

Pick a date to go school shopping with your children. This date should be set and organized some time in advance to have a relaxed shopping experience. Choosing their own school supplies, clothes, a backpack, or lunchboxes will engage children to take part in the activity and may increase their excitement about going back to school and using all the new things. Texas Tax-free weekend is Aug 5th-7th.

  1. Develop a routine

Introduce the school bedtime routine two weeks before school starts so kids can adjust. Kids need at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep. A healthy routine will help with the adjustment to returning to school. For example, pick your kid’s clothes out, pack their lunch, and check your kid’s backpack to make sure they have everything they need for the next day.

  1. Build good homework and study habits

Take time out to help your kids with their homework so that they understand it. Make sure the study area is clean so, they won’t get distracted. Keep your kids organized with all their homework for each subject.

  1. Be engaged

Set goals for the upcoming school year. Ask your kids how their day went. Be involved with their extra curriculum activities.  Keep your kids motivated. Use a family calendar and let kids see when school starts, and it allows parents to establish routines. Discussing expectations and worries lets them know you care and understand.

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Authored by: Kaniece Tell