Apartment Swim


Apartment Swim

Many times children are left unsupervised in apartment complexes around swimming pools, and research shows that there is a high population of immigrant families in Dallas living in these complexes with children who do not know how to swim. Using apartment community pools, our staff actively engage and teach children from area complexes to swim at NO COST.

2018 Stats

In 2018, 2,527 children learned how to swim through the Apartment Swim program. These lessons were offered at 66 different apartment complex pools and in those communities the Y was able to provide 108 sets of 8 week lessons.

On average children increased their abilities on six critical swim safety skills by an amazing 71%.

Students were given pre and post assessments to test six swimming and safety skills on their first and last days of lessons. On the pre-test only 27% of children could do 4 out of the 6 skills. By the post-test, 62% of children achieved 4 out of the 6 skills.

Safety in and around water is an important issue for all of our children, but a disproportionate number of minority children drown each year. At the Y, we believe that safe swimming saves lives and that all children should be equipped with the skills to help them safely enjoy the water. Our Safety Around Water program is one of the many ways we help to make time in and around the water both fun and safe. 

Did You Know: In Texas drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children.


Jennifer Lee Pewitt
Associate Vice President for Aquatics


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