My Y is for a healthier, stronger, and happier me. For being able to gain strength to help my elderly parents when they need me the most, being able run and play with my dog and not get tired or get those heavy groceries from my car. For the idea that in the near future I will be at a place with my health where I can start our family and have a baby and know I am not at risk for bed rest.

The Y is a place where I can destress after a long day at work. The community and the encouragement feels like family. My first PWRFIT Class I was welcomed. 6 years after an awful back injury I was back at it again, scared to death. The community welcomed me. The Y has created another opportunity for me spend time with by best friend Gregg McBride . Every class and training session alongside my husband, is full laughs, encouragement, HARD work and bad talk about Josh making us do the bike, squats or some crazy workout. It pushes me to be the best I can be. My journey began for me earlier this year, when my path crossed with coach Joshua LaBry. I have said before, and will say it now, he has changed our lives. Josh has empowered me to achieve obstacles that I would never imagined possible, like deadlifting over 200lb, rowing 3K and a 1K row on the same day, for holding my plank longer little by little. He has educated me on how to balance my nutrition and keep it up. Josh is there on days that I doubt my abilities or get frustrated at the scale, he does not let me quit.

I have never had a community, a coach that believed in me, most important the Y has made me believe in myself. This is my Y.

Authored by: cmccauley