Keep Kids Learning During National Summer Learning Week

National Summer Learning Week

National Summer Learning Week is a celebration committed to promoting the significance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy throughout the summer so they can be ready to tackle the next school year. This week, we are exploring various ways to celebrate learning!

Day 1: Discover STEM and Solar:

Children have some of the world's best imaginations, which in turn, creates some of the best innovations. The rise of the digital age has made STEM education critical. STEM activities and summer programs allow children to create a world they envision.

  • Try: BUILD ENGINEERING CHALLENGES WITH HOUSEHOLD ITEMS - Use handy supplies like cardboard, tape, or pennies to jumpstart an engineering challenge. Ask your child to build a bridge, a ramp, or the tallest structure they can attempt. Encourage critical thinking skills by asking questions like: What do you think would happen if…? What do you think you might do differently next time?

Day 2: Winning Health and Wellness:

The end of school marks a time when parents are faced with the challenge of keeping their kids on a schedule and active. Summer programs can be a great way to reimplement and promote healthy habits.

  • Try: SUMMER PROGRAMMING AT THE Y - Summer Day Camps are about discovery: finding new talents, trying new activities, and making lasting memories.  Campers' days are filled with weekly theme-based enrichment activities, nature/outdoor learning, fitness/conditioning, off-site field trips, swimming/water games, leadership opportunities, and so much more! Visit: to learn more!

Day 3: Make a Masterpiece:

Art is a great way to encourage self-expression and innovation in the youth. While keeping them engaged, it's also a great way to teach them that they can leave their mark on the world.

  • Try: POUR PAINT FOR KIDS - Let their creativity shine with this pour paint activity by HGTV

Day 4: Celebrating Future Leaders:

We must continue to help and motivate our youth to pursue their goals. Things like summer jobs, internships, mentorships, or plans for college can help encourage our future leaders to be the change they want to see.

  • Try: VIRTUAL COLLEGE TOUR – The Princeton Review has a full list of colleges you and your child can explore. Take a look!

Day 5: Dive into a Book Adventure:

Reading is fundamental and it's the foundation of a good education. While we can’t stress the importance of reading enough, it also a way for kids and teenagers to explore. Through reading, kids learn about the world around them.

  • Try: SMART SUMMER WITH DALLAS MAYOR JOHNSON – Kids who participate in summer learning maintain their skills and are better prepared to start school in the fall. Dallas Public Library makes it easy and fun! Learn More!



National Summer Learning Week


Smart Summer with Mayor Johnson -


Written By: Marie McGrew, Marketing and Communications Intern

YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas