Meet Julie Yang from the Frisco Family YMCA

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If we had three words to describe Julie Yang, they would be Friendly, Helpful, and a true Advocate. She is currently the Membership Director at the Frisco Family YMCA, but this YMCA wasn't her first stop. We asked Julie to tell us a little bit about herself and share why the Y is a special place to work. 

  • Tell us your Y story. How did you make your way to the Y?  My husband and I moved to Austin, TX, about 7 years ago to be closer to my sister.  I was looking for a fitness facility and joined the Y closest to us because of proximity.  There was a front staff person who I made a connection with; she always made me feel welcome by saying "Hello" and "Have a nice day."  Since I was looking for a job, I decided to apply but ended up being hired at the downtown location in Austin.  Since then, I have fallen in love with Y, its mission, and everything it stands for.  Every day I attempt to create that same feeling of belonging that I felt when I first stepped foot inside that YMCA. 
  • How long have you been with the Y? Including my time in Austin, about 3 years.  1.5 in Austin, 1.5 in Dallas. 
  • How has the Y impacted you and your family?  It saved me.  Shortly after becoming the Membership Director at Frisco, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  If I did not have the support and medical insurance needed to get me through this past year, I hate to think where my family would be, financially and medically. 
  • What’s your favorite moment at the Y OR what is the most impactful story you’ve heard at the Y? I was able to advocate for a family for financial assistance.  This newly single mom was currently in the midst of a volatile divorce, involving domestic violence, and all she wished was to be able to provide some sense of normality with her kids and their sports activities.  Our branch was able to provide her with 80% scholarship and her kids got to play sports and attend the afterschool program.  She was beyond grateful for the support, and I was brought to tears with her joy. 
  • What advice would you give to someone starting their career with the Y? You will always have your tough days. Never forget it's about the people. It's about the connections.  Find something that keeps you coming back. Because you never know when you end up being exactly where you're meant to be and end up saving someone you didn't even know needed help. 

Stop by the Frisco Family YMCA to meet Julie and her team today:


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