Meet Shannel: Ripples of Gratitude In The Safety Around Water Program

Shannel and Jha'Naiya at the pool

Hi, My Name is Shannel and I want to thank the YMCA for taking the time to come out and teach my kids Jamarius and Jha'Naiya how to swim. My kids love the water and they have enjoyed all the lessons and also just being able to be in the water. For me been a joy to watch them learn and grow. As a parent water is scary especially how easy it is for a person to drown. So to see them go from no experience to showing so much improvement within the 4 weeks to a month of lessons just makes us so appreciative. This was year 2 from them and I have been at every lesson watching them grow and seeing how well all the instructors take the time and patience to learn every kid's pace. We are all really looking forward to more lessons in the future, the program has been nothing but a great success.