When our members walk into their YMCA, there is an instant sense of belonging that fills the air. While checking in, you immediately notice the kind smile that is directed towards you from the front desk, the chorus of laughter from a group near the coffee station, and during the warmer months, kids covered in sunblock and excitement as they wait to begin their day at camp. When becoming a part of the YMCA family, a new set of values develop towards your membership that you begin to realize your time here is more than just a workout.

One of the main values that our members take from the YMCA is the importance of family-oriented opportunities that are given each day. Your child has the ability to grow up with the Y and excel in its core values. From preschool and afterschool programs to summer camps and adventure guides, the YMCA understands the importance of children growing up in a community that builds on relationships and deepens their sense of belonging and self-worth. Our members also value wellness programs that build healthy family habits such as FIT for Health, which creates a sense of unity throughout the family to help reach their goals together.

Supporting the values and programs that strengthen the community, the YMCA and its members seek value in the needs of the community. Programs such as LiveSTRONG and group exercise classes allow you to reach your individuals goals as well as create friendships and bonds within your community. As important as it is to maintain your health and wellness, the YMCA realizes that this is not possible without a strong community helping you along the way.

A sense of worth and belonging is carried throughout each YMCA through financial assistance opportunities and nationwide membership. YMCA employees and members strongly believe that income should not be a barrier when joining the YMCA family, and that health is for all regardless of your personal background. With a nationwide membership, members can find their community during seasons of travel or big moves. No matter where life takes you, you have the comfort to know that you will find a YMCA community wherever you go.  With financial assistance, you will notice an atmosphere of acceptance that is brought on by our employees and members. Being a part of the YMCA family gives you the opportunity to find a home when life can give the most unpredictable outcomes. It is here where you can feel known, valued, and motivated to accomplish your goals. It is here where you will find your home.