Wear A Mask

Older Senior Couple wear surgical masks


Wear a mask.


What is the best way to stimulate the economy? I can tell you in three simple words – wear a mask. As COVID-19 cases dramatically increase in Texas, we are being forced to delay business openings and the North Texas economy continues to suffer. Wearing a mask will prevent the spread of COVID-19, lower hospital admission rates and decrease the amount of time businesses must remain closed. The COVID-19 virus does not care if we have “cabin fever” or suffer from boredom. It is a frighteningly contagious disease infecting more residents than ever before.


The erroneous belief that refusing to wear a mask makes you appear tough is both irresponsible and a denial of medical science. Wearing a mask is a personal contribution we must make for the safety of our community and our economy. If our actions can prevent one person from getting sick or even worse, losing their life, we should not hesitate to wear a mask. If our efforts can decrease the amount of time businesses are closed and prevent one person from losing their job, we should wear a mask.


Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization recommend cloth face coverings in public settings. These experts say the latest evidence is clear that masks are the most effective way of preventing the spread from both pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic people. According to their research, we should follow the three W’s – wash our hands, wear a mask and watch our distance. But they state the most important of these three W’s is to wear a mask.


While serving as a board member of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas (Y), I have witnessed first-hand the harsh impact this virus has had on North Texas residents. During this pandemic, the Y has distributed food to families, operated day care centers for children of first responders and provided a safe haven for the most vulnerable in our community.


The Y operates numerous public recreational activities including gyms, summer camps and youth sports. Masks are now required before entry into any Y facility in North Texas. Even with the many safety measures in place including physical distancing and the regular disinfection of exercise equipment, if someone simply coughs, it can cause infection. What is the best defense against a cough? That’s right – wear a mask.

We are facing one of the greatest public health pandemics in U.S. history. As responsible citizens, we must commit to wearing a mask in order to protect each other from COVID-19. Wearing a mask reflects not just our respect for our fellow Texans, but our support of the many businesses suffering during this difficult time. Show your respect – wear a mask.


Stephen Love is the President and CEO of the DFW Hospital Council and is a Board Member of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas.