From YAG to Yale: Bronson Hooper

Bronson Hooper

Bronson Hooper's story is one of late-blooming success and self-discovery. Through the Youth & Government (YAG) and YMCA Achievers programs, he found not only academic and professional growth but also a deep understanding of his own potential. Now, as a student at Yale University, Bronson's journey continues to inspire others.


Bronson's venture into Youth & Government began during his senior year of high school. Initially hesitant, he joined at the suggestion of his college advisor, Mr. Steven Cain. Despite his reservations, the experience was transformational. Winning Distinguished Delegate in the Legislative group and successfully passing his bill at the state level were his defining moments. The program taught him to be confident in his opinions and stand up for them, a valuable life lesson.

Mr. Cain, his main supporter, guided him throughout the process, helping him choose the right committee and ensuring success. Alongside personal growth, Bronson encountered inspiring individuals like Nadia, who dreamed of becoming a judge, and Jabari, who fueled his passion for change and public speaking.


With Mr. Cain's guidance again, Bronson entered the YMCA Achievers program. The college and career readiness initiative provided academic support, career exploration, and mentoring. The highlight for Bronson was the East Coast college tour, offering a glimpse into his future. The program broadened his perspective, steering him away from putting all his aspirations into a single dream college.

Throughout his time in the program, Mr. Cain continued to play a pivotal role in helping Bronson find the school that best fit his aspirations. Meeting Yashi McGowan, the YMCA director, taught him the importance of maintaining good behavior, regardless of life's circumstances.

These programs significantly impacted Bronson and his family. The skills and experiences gained helped him secure more scholarship money, lightening the financial burden of college tuition, and being accepted into Yale University. The investment in his personal and academic development paid off in more ways than one. Bronson's advice to those considering these programs is clear: seize every opportunity. He emphasizes that what you believe you can achieve is only a fraction of your actual potential. 


Now enrolled at Yale University, Bronson's story is a testament to the transformative power of community programs. His experiences with Youth & Government and YMCA Achievers continue to shape his academic and personal journey, inspiring others to embrace opportunities and unlock their true potential.

Bronson Hooper's journey, fueled by the Youth & Government and YMCA Achievers programs, showcases the profound impact community initiatives can have on an individual's life. From newfound confidence in public speaking to discovering the importance of weighing all options, Bronson's story is a testament to the transformative power of the YMCA programs that nurture both academic and personal growth.


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