The YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Foundation enables the Y to remain flexible and innovative, responding with timely solutions to the evolving needs of children and families in each of the communities served by local YMCA branches. In 1995, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Foundation was chartered as a Texas non-profit corporation to manage the investment and distribution of the endowment of the Y, which was then valued at $14,490,422. 

The first gift to the Endowment Fund was made by E.R. Brown, Chairman of the YMCA Board of Directors from 1919-1934. The will of Mr. Brown established a Trust to pay the YMCA and his church $1,000 annually for maintenance, upkeep and operation. In the intervening years, many gifts have been received from those with similar interests for the continued stability and growth of the Y's service to youth and families of the greater Dallas area. Soon, other generous individuals and families recognized the ability to impact the lives of so many through a gift to the YMCA Foundation. 

The Foundation's Board of Trustees is comprised of fifteen to twenty individuals elected for three year terms. These board officials are chosen from former YMCA board members, current YMCA board members and selected community leaders. Gifts to the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Foundation are received in accordance with the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Foundation Gift Policy. Distribution of funds is limited to the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas programs and its branches.


Leave a Legacy

It's no secret that the programs of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Foundation depend upon your goodwill. There are many easy giving options and strategies you can choose from that will enhance your personal well-being, as well as the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Foundation. We encourage you to join us in contributing to our future and yours.  Leave a legacy that will provide a lasting investment in the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. 



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