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We are the North Dallas YMCA Masters

Operating out of the Moody, Semones, and Lake Highlands YMCAs in Dallas, TX. Our masters program accommodates over 120 lap swimmers of all different ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Our master swimmers swim anywhere between 1,800 -3,500 yards in an hour.

Like most masters programs, all swimmers are grouped by speed. Our coaches modify workouts by lane to ensure all masters are getting the most out of their swims. We do ask that all participants are able to swim one mile (1,650 yards) in one hour before joining our masters workouts. This mile is NOT expected to be consecutive. 

If you are not yet up to a mile in the pool, no problem! We still have a workout for you. We encourage you to check out and try our Intro to Masters Swim program. Details on this program can be found here: NDY Intro to Master Swimming

YMCA membership is required for all masters participants. In addition, there is a $15/month masters program fee. That said, we welcome you to try us out for a week before committing to any sort of payment or membership! Please email our head Coach Jacky Merianos (Yen) to start you free trial. You may reach her at

NDY Practice Schedule

Our practice schedule is the following:

Tues/Thurs Morning: 5:30AM - 7AM (currently at capacity)
Tues/Thurs Evening: 6:30PM - 7:30PM (currently at capacity)

Tues/Wed/Thurs Morning: 6:00AM - 7:15AM
Mon - Fri Lunchtime: 12PM - 1PM 

Mon/Wed morning: 5:45AM - 7AM

*At the moment, our practice groups at Moody group are at their capacity. All other groups are welcoming new masters at this time!

**Your masters enrollment grants you access to all NDY workouts; it does not limit you to just one practice group*

What is included in my NDY Membership?

  • Team swim cap and bag tag (provided after your 5th workout)
  • Unlimited access to all masters workouts run by the North Dallas YMCA Masters
  • Year-round access to both indoor and outdoor pools
  • Free entry to all NDY holiday workouts, team challenges and, social events
  • Special deals and discounts at our local swim shop (D& J Sports).


If you have any further questions on our masers swim program, please reach out to Head Coach Jacky Merianos (Yen) at . We hope to see you on pool deck soon!



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