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Masters Swim 2024

We are the Dallas YMCA Masters

Operating out of the Coppell, Lake Highlands, Moody, Rockwall, and Semones YMCAs in the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas Association. We are a United States Masters Swimming affiliated program. Our masters program strives to provide a friendly, social and informative atmosphere where all swimmers may comfortably and confidently succeed in developing their technique and endurance in the pool. 

What are the benefits of Masters Swimming?

Being an active member of masters swimming (our program or any other masters swim program) will:

  • Help you stay active and fit through aerobic and anaerobic swim training
  • Allow you to improve your stroke technique and efficiency through conversations and feedback from your coach
  • Introduce you to a community and support group of likeminded individuals
  • Benefit your overall physical, mental and social well-being

What are the pre-requisites of your Masters Swim program?

Our masters swim program is designed for the intermediate-advanced swimmer. It is required that participants can swim one mile (1,650-yards) in an hour prior to joining our workouts. This mile is not expected to be consecutive. Additionally, participants must be comfortable circle swimming with other swimmers, as our workout groups swim 3-5 master swimmers per lane. All participants are required to follow the daily workout provided by the coach. Swimmers are not allowed to do their own workout during masters swim times.

If you are not yet comfortable swimming a mile and/or circle swimming, not a problem! We encourage you to check out our Intro to Masters Swim Classes. We currently offer Intro to Masters Swim classes at our Moody and Lake Highlands YMCAs. Please email our Head Coach, Jacky Merianos (Yen) , for more details on the class:


How do I join your Masters Swim Program?

We are currently welcoming new masters into the following YMCAs and workouts:

Mon/Wed/Fri: 5AM – 6AM
*workout times to change in late May to 6AM – 7:30AM*

Mon/Wed Morning: 5:00AM – 6:15AM
Saturday Morning: 7AM – 8AM

Mon - Fri Lunchtime: 12PM - 1PM 

Workouts at our Moody location, along with our morning workouts at Semones and Lake Highlands are currently closed to new participants. Our waitlists are extensive; we will not be adding any new members to the waitlist at this time. When space becomes available in these groups, we will update our schedule above.

YMCA membership is required for all masters participants.

In addition, there is a $15/month masters program fee.

All individuals are invited to try our programming out for a week before committing to a masters membership. Please email our Head Coach Jacky Merianos (Yen) to set up for free week trial: Please include the workout group(s) you are interested in and when you would like to begin your trial.


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