esports at the YMCA
YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

eSports Virtual League Play

Smash Crew Battle

esports at the YMCA

Play with our local esports team (Dallas Defenders) against Y's across the United States. Players will compete as a Smash Crew against other YMCA's. 

Matches will be streamed on our twitch channel.

What is a crew battle? - A crew battle consist of 6 players from each team competing for the last player standing.

Each Battle date will require separate registration.

Dates: October 22nd, Dec. 3rd, Dec. 10th

Time: 4pm on Saturday

Cost: $15.00 / Free for Esports+ subscribers

Watch Dallas compete against OKC last month-

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Fortnite Championship Series


Play with our local Esports players against other players on a private Fortnite channel. Players will compete as a individuals against other YMCA players.

How to play? - Compete in 3 separate tournaments for points. Players will receive points for their finishes and after the final tournament in December we will crown our champions.  

Dates: October 30th,  Nov. 20th, Dec. 11th

Time: 4pm on Sundays

Must be an Esports+ subscribers

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