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Bethany Bass

Inspired to
Light The Future


My name is Bethany Bass, I am a tenth grader at Garland High School, and a five year participant in the YMCA Youth and Government Program. The Youth and Government program is split into three sectors: Legislative, United Nations, and Judicial. I participate in the Legislative sector, where students are able to create, present and debate the bills using parliamentary debate procedure. With each competition, I continue to love my involvement in the Legislative sector.  Five years ago when I was in sixth grade, I was a completely different person.  While I am still the same height, shoe and hand size; believe it or not, I was shy.  I sat in the back of the committee rooms and instead of participating in the debates, I watched the debates.  With each competition, I grew more inclined to debate and make speeches, and I started to participate more.  A passion for politics and public speaking was unlocked within in me.  Now I currently have several distinguished delegate and chair clerk awards.  I have become president of my Mock Legislature club, and use the skills learned from Youth and Government to help others.  My involvement in Mock Legislature has taught me to have courage and stand up for my beliefs.  In addition, it has informed me about how the government functions and operates.  This program has inspired me to be a light in the future of democracy, and molded me into wanting to become a servant leader. 

Those who invested in Youth and Government have invested in youth like me and their future.  I am changed for the better, and so are so many other participants.  I am so grateful to the sponsors and volunteers of Youth and Government.  Because of this YMCA program, I truly believe that I have found my calling and career.  I aspire to maybe becoming a future legislature, senator, congresswoman, or even the president of this great Nation.