To help teenagers become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation.


To create an environment in which students can increase their political awareness and understanding, while learning the meaning of social action through an actual hands-on experience in government.

Youth and Government (YG) is a nationally recognized civic engagement program for teens. Teens learn YMCA Core Values while also navigating the world of politics with peers. YG develops and promotes:

  • Understanding of local, state, national & international issues
  • Research, writing about and debating these public issues
  • Exploration of careers in public service
  • Interaction with adult and youth leaders involved in the decision-making processes
  • An understanding of effective and peaceful resolution of issues and concerns, fostering diplomacy
  • An appreciation for the diversity of viewpoints on public issues and a concurrent respect for ideas, beliefs and the positions of others, teaching empathy
  • Demonstration of citizenship responsibilities and leadership roles essential to the health of a democracy
  • A positive self-image and confidence necessary to succeed in post-secondary education and the work place
  • Promotion of values such as servant leadership, civic engagement, the voting process and volunteerism

"My child was painfully shy.  She would get physically ill anytime she had to make any kind of speech. This program has given her the confidence to be able to speak in a public setting.  The great thing about this program is that it gives an opportunity for any student to have this great learning experience." –YG Parent

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