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Annual Report


Dear YMCA Friends,


Join us as we reflect on the progress your YMCA has made over the past year. This written report and our celebration of volunteers at our Annual Meeting allows us to pause and recognize how far we have come together. 

Our real measure of success is not in the spreadsheets and program registrations. It continues to be the immense accumulation of “moments of truth”…those times when a Y kid or adult feels the real impact of the YMCA mission through the action of other people. Sometimes these moments are like lightening bolts that shift their life path. Sometimes they are just little glimmers of light that show them the right way to behave or believe. But they are all important and are life-changing. 

You can find a gym or swimming pool or a treadmill in lots of places. But it is the Cause that makes the Y so magical. After 132 years of service in this community, consider all of the lives that have been shaped and the futures that have changed.  We really do strengthen the foundation of community.



Kelvin Walker
Chief Volunteer Officer
Gordon Echtenkamp
President/Chief Executive Officer





Bruce Leib

2016 Theodore P. Beasley Distinguished Leadership Award Winner

 Marshall Sutton

2016 Charles P. Storey Strong Communities Award Winner