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**All programs include uniform

Thank you for your interest in White Rock YMCA Youth Sports.




Tyler Wiedenfeld

Sports Director


Jordan Woosley

Associate Sports Director



Common FAQ's


These are common questions regarding sports leagues. For specific sport, camp, or clinic information, click on the link for the sport on the White Rock Youth Sports Page.

Length of Seasons 7 weeks
Day of Games Games are played on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays depending on the sport (some makeup games possible on other weekday evenings).

Division placement is based on grade for the 2020-2021 school year

Pre-K is co-ed

1st grade+ is typically separated into boys and girls divisions

If grade divisions do not have enough players per grade, we will combine grades to make divisions (i.e., 3rd/4th grade team)


Pre-K through Kindergarten - Everyone gets a medal

1st grade+ will have two weekend bracket tournaments with a guaranteed two games played. Medals or trophies awarded to First and Second teams in each of the multiple brackets.

Practices Volunteer coaches determine best day, best time, and best location for team to practice during the week.

Pre-game Practices

There is an optional 20 minute practice period before Basketball, Futsal, and Volleyball games for both teams.

Friend and Coach requests accepted at the time of registration but not always guaranteed.

Practice request days and times are not guaranteed. 

Optional Coaches' Clinic

Optional 30 minute coaches' clinic for Volunteer Coaches following Coaches' meetings.

Refund Policies

The refund amount given back will be determined by the date the refund is requested

After First Game No refund
After First Practice (typically week prior to season starting) Refund minus the cost of the jersey ($25) and the processing fee ($20)
Prior to First Practice (15+ days before season starts) refund minus the cost of processing fee ($20)
Rates Includes Jersey uniform and medal