What is YMCA Fitness Assessment?

Our Fitness Assessment is an opportunity to become comfortable in your YMCA by meeting with a fitness professional. The assessment begins with your Wellness Coach asking and listening to what your fitness journey has been, as well as what, moving forward you would like to accomplish. The physical part of the assessment will give you a greater understanding of your body strength and areas which will be particularly important to focus on improving. 

  • Introduction to the YMCA and all the health & wellness programs available
  • Recommendations on the most effective ways to reach your goal
  • Guidance on safety when using the YMCA facility
  • Resources for healthy living & nutritional education
  • Baseline measurements for you to know and improve on

How Do I Get Started?

To book your Fitness Assessment at White Rock email Ariel Humphrey: ahumphrey@ymcadallas.org

Ariel Humphrey
Regional Personal Training Director